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Boost Components
26-6/8 Turbo Charger updates:

ASR268 St-3 Bell Choke and Diffuser Installation.
Titanium Compressor Nut (MRL)©
ASR268 St-3 3KModASR268 St-3 3KMod
ASR268 St-3 3KModASR268 St-3 3KMod

Basic Specifications:

-> Turbos are built in stages 1 through 3.
-> Stage 3 Turbos being highest in development and refinement.
-> Linear and Bell replaceable chokes and diffusers.
-> Anemometric Analyzed Flow and Pressure.
-> Highly refined Turbine and Compressor Stage geometries.
-> Radius Linearizer (MRL) for Bell choke St-3.
-> Anodized To color indicate refinement stage and type.
-> Much higher tolerances. We take this very serious, +/- .00012 serious.
-> Machine from solid, gone is the porous cast alloy for these critical parts.
-> Perfect fit and Flanged Coupled for heat exchange.
-> Titanium Compressor Nut (MRL)
-> 6000 Series Aluminum Diffuser Plate and Choke/Venturi.

Why? Several reasons. But in a single word, refinement!
4451 ASR use toolroom practices and are unlimited by cost of materials and time.

We can modify your 266/268 3K turbocharger or you can buy one of our in house mods.
Please E-Mail for information. Jeff@4451ASR.COM

4451ASR Cycling Valve:

(Intentionally delayed as part of Turbo/Wastegate update.)

Cycle Valve L Cycle Valve R
Concept - Cycling Valve.

Basic Specification:

-> Multiple Jet sizes
-> New Potting Compound
-> Custom Viton Seals (in house)
-> Limited Service abililty
-> New port and vein geometry
-> New surge chamber
-> 3AN to waste gate
-> Al Alloy Chassis

4451ASR Waste Gate Actuator:

4451ASR Vacuum system
Concept - 4451ASR Waste Gate Actuator.

-> Single ended - Vacuum OE replacement
-> Differential - Vacuum & Pressure
-> Direct partner to the 4451ASR Cycling Valve
-> No Shimming Required - appropriate spring preload.

Line Package -3AN
MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room