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Floating Rotor Packages

Two Piece Floating Rotor Packages.

4451ASR is offering two piece rotor packages.
The disks were co-developed in 02 with one of the largest names in open wheel racing brake systems.
These disks are cast here in the states for us exclusively as we own the rights to the tooling.
All Thermal and Stress analysis has been carried out.

Basic Specification:

Sizes: 299 x28mm, 304 x30mm (M758)
-> Float offset +/- .010" or 20 thousandths indexed float.
-> Custom Directional Cross Drilling.
-> Custom Directional Venting.
-> Disk package will be pre-assembled in house.
-> Sold in serialized matched pairs.
-> Fraction of the weight to factory part.

Initial offering will be front disks and bells.
Rear disk and bell packages will follow once the bells are designed and tested.

These are for late model 44 and 51 cars.

Estimated Price Front Pair Complete:

Package shown differs for other rolling stock.
Shown is a 315mm x30 disk package.
These were produced until 2004 for a different suspension/chassis.

Photos will be updated soon! Please check back.

Bell and Spacer 330mm Disc Asm.

MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room