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Underdrive Components
Underdrive Components Provide horsepower through reduced rotational ratios or gearing.
Our underdrive pulleys and components are made from the highest quality AlCuSiMg alloys.

Because of the nature of higher quality Aluminum alloy, these are not as light as other softer grades.
We simply will not compromise quality and durability. There may be others, but they are not, 4451ASR!

Specification Brief:

-> Concentricity +/- .0015
-> Runout +/- .001
-> AMA 50% reduction in mass.
-> Machined from solid AlCuSiMg alloy.
-> SAE specified groove geometry.
-> Two piece interlocking PS Pulley ILOKā„¢. (new design)
-> ILOK System moves more heat and locks radial load.
-> 1.8:1 Ratio. 800rpm Crank speed 1400rpm Alternator Speed.

1.8:1 Ratio Polley Rib Accessory Drive: $195.00 (Pair)     Power Steering V Groove Standard Ratio: $185.00

1.8:1 Reduction Pulleys ILOK Power Steering Pulley

As promised a new Power Steering Pulley System. Gone is the Gatling Gun look as well as 29 additional grams of mass.
Also the system now has the Interlocking mesh. The price increase is due to additional machine time. 


MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room