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Balance Shaft Components
4451ASR Balance Shaft Gear Sets and Drives.

Basic Specification BSDG:

-> Machined from Solid Al Light Alloy.
-> Includes a TDC Marker for Visual Aid.
-> Partners with 1.8:1 Reduction Pulley .
-> Is less than half the mass of the factory gear.
-> Hard Coat Anodized in a verity of colors.
-> Horse Power Reclaim

Crank Mounted Balance Shaft Driving Gear (BSDG): $195.00

Press Fit Flush Flanged FaceBridged Design Light and Strong

Basic Specification BSG:

-> Radial Machined Concentric to Center Bore.
-> Faced and Contoured.
-> Lightened.
-> Dynamically balanced.
-> Weight matched in pairs.
-> Lightened Bridged Conical Washer included.
-> Horse Power Reclaim

Sold in weight matched pairs:

BS Gears Dyn balanced Weight matched.Balanced Light Gears

Currently under development:
Balance Shaft Bearing Pillow Blocks.
MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room