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4451ASR Cylinder Head w/PortMaster

4451ASR Hot Gas Vector Rings:

Offered by no other!
4451ASR is bold enough to offer this product for the 944/951 cylinder head!

Hot Gas Vector Rings are inlaid components.
What do they do? In brief:
They shape the gas charge, the more defined the pulse the
more pressure to the turbine blades. More exhaust energy!
Exhaust note will change.

Hot Gas Vector Ring Sets: -> $485.00

Basic Specification:

-> Pulse shaping bell design. 
-> Extension into manifold.
-> Superior Flow.
-> Reversion Control.
-> Defined gas shape.
-> High silicon alloy.
-> Manifold Gasket Seal.
-> Flush ring set included.
-> Perfect Extension from the Ceramics.
-> Damaging heat is diverted from the flange down the pipe.
-> NOTE: This is a head exchange or 4451ASR machines your head.

Ring Set Inlaid Ring
Without With

Note the manifold flange, this causes distortion of the shape of the flame and fouls the pulse..
Gaskets are reversed for image contrast.

2-3 Sized Radiused and Polished2-3 Sized Radiused and Polished

The head must be precisely setup and machined.
The cylinder head pictured is a working development mule and will be installed and used.
More picture of this head are onthe site in different locations. See most current updated pages.
MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room