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Cylinder Head Cylinder Block
Development And Design
Machine Balance Blue Print
Turbo And Wastegate

Turbo And Wastegate
Turbocharger Rebuild
Waste Gate Rebuild
Porting, Honing and Scroll Geometry change.

26-6 Rebuild 26-6 Rebuild

Remanufactured 26-6/8 Turbo’s – Core exchange only: $370.00

26-6 and 26-8 turbo’s on hand.

4451ASR Exchanges remanufactured turbo’s for cores only.


Blades and scrolls must be in good to perfect condition.
Permissible damage is limited to bearings, seals, and minor rotor scroll contact and pitting.

This assures we always have good turbo cartridges to rebuild and in stock.
All new hardware is provided less coolant pipe, sensors, etc.

We do not sell aftermarket or "big" turbo kits currently! However we can probably service it!

The 26-6/8 turbochargers in a flow balanced well tuned setup, provides nearly vertical boost to upward 300WHP on the Dyno.
Please feel free to ask about our rebuild process.
Warranty is very limited, so ask.

Contact: jeff@4451asr.com

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MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room