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Machine Balance Blue Print

4451ASR has the ability to:

Weight-match to the micro-gram.
Balance small components.
Complete Blue Print Service

We can balance flywheels.
We will custom fixture no problem.

Blue printing is carried out using CNC CMM equipment.
We use a Mitutoyo CNC CMM With Ziess and Renishaw stylus heads.
Fully climate controlled environment with reference plating.

We can find bore and offset, port sizes, depths and angles.
We can then turn that into CNC code.
This assures porting repeatability for consistent flow numbers.
This also assures our deck plates are perfect, every time.

Most importantly this resource assures accuracy and repeatability on everything we do.

**We do not however, balance cranks or clutches.

MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room