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Development And Design
I've added this page as a tribute to development and design. This page will be dynamic in that new developments will be posted as they occur. Most will have cost as no object and are in the fold of IC-Engine research using, for now, the 44 and 51 platform. And, as finished product or "developed", will be moved to the appropriate page.

First Look -> Combustion Chamber Form.
The eight valve 44 and 51 cylinder heads are for the most part and in relation to the combustion chamber "AS CAST". Most in past have welded heads to attempt second operation shape changes. Welding one of these heads in my opinion is a non-option and best find the power elsewhere if you're contemplating weldment.

We have spent some months with the ol' CAD/CAM system to design a combustion chamber form that will provide superior shape, perfectly matched volume, and at present a near perfect 8.1:1 compression ratio in factory guise.. The goal seek is superior quench, flame front and over all efficiency and burn.

I'll not get into the metallurgical or other tech as it is house intellectual property and the web being as it is, nothing sacred! The information and design on this page are intellectual property of 4451ASR.COM and its' sole holdings.

4451ASR 944 and Turbo C-Chamber Form4451ASR 944 and Turbo C-Chamber Form

Pictured above are initial forms. The finished forms are core/cavity tool making practice.
They're inserts, as would be used in the toolmaking industry. Missing are the regions for the valves and plug hole. The alloy of the finished form is non-disclosed nor will the bonding method be disclosed other than to say I've worked closely with 3M and one other company for two custom compounds that will be used, and the dispersion method.

First Look -> 42mm CNC and Hand Finished Ports and Port Masters©™

4451ASR 42MM CNC Ports and Oring masters.4451ASR 42MM CNC Ports and Oring masters.

Pictured above are the finished ports. These ports are pseudo-D shaped meaning they're wider than round but not entirely oval. The port height profile has not changed only the width. There is a defined shape that has been machined into the port proper.

Also, the ports have been micro textured, to aid in atomization and gas speed. It is a general philosophy that a port must flow big numbers in order to give great performance. This is a half truth, a port must assist with gas speed and, fuel atomization as well. If all is done correctly, valve installed, the port will flow as good or better than free flow.

In addition to this port design change, is the manifold, which has been shaped to a near perfect fit. The manifold is matched closely to the head, and fastening points have been sleeved for proper indexing when assembled. The transition from the manifold to the intake port is near perfectly smooth to the touch. The manifold plenum and runners have been aggressively cut with silicon carbide at very high speed, this to soften the surface, then micro textured to seal and provide the a complementary finish to the cylinder head port.

This provides a usable runner from the plenum to the valve and behaves as an extension of the port as a properly designed runner system should.

The following photos show the test rig as was used for fitting and inspection of the runner system to the port bore. These are early photos of the very first setup and goal seek.

4451 RS Head, Port to Runner Fitment.4451 RS Head, Port to Runner Fitment.

All content and images are proprietary property of 4451ASR.COM and its' holdings.. Do not copy!

First Look -> C-Chamber Cavity 4452 head.

Normally I do not post photos of parts at this level but this is deveolpment so here we are... I wanted to show the initial cavity cut. It is lacking a couple finish passes but this provides a gist perspect and proof of life in moving forward with this design update. This head is salvage, as it was not cared for by it's previous owner. It is now well cared for!

4451ASR RS head proto cavity.4451ASR Head Mount on Bed of mill.
4451ASR-RS Working Head and 8.1:1..Combustion Chamber Core part Lynn Lemons Design.

This setup has been fully probed to get the proper locations, surface heights and warp characteristic. This head in free state is out .0025 over its length. It has been pulled within two tenths for machining purposes.

The working head will be probed and marked.  Once all is set-in and machining is complete the working head will be decked in place.

There will be some hand finishing needed, there is always some sort of hand finish for the perfect fit. The core should snap in. There is much un-disclosed, that's going into making this work properly. We are really getting close to finished product and completion now. 

All content and images are proprietary property of 4451ASR.COM and its' holdings..
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