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News and Events
New Tools and Capabilities:

4451ASR Continues to innovate on all fronts: We have added two new instruments from MAHR a German metrology company. These new instruments will aid in precision measurement and repeatability in the lab and on the surface plate. With indication capabilities five digits out to 1 (.00001") (.00025mm).

However neat the new instruments, the biggest news, comes in the shape of new State-of-the-Art software ZW Soft. The addition of their highest level ZW3D Premium software will bring totally new capabilities and products of the most complex three dimensional shapes.

Components News:

We full well intend on getting some of these new parts into the hands of individuals. Times are tough and money is tight, but we are moving forward on every front.

The Toolroom Build will be updated shortly, this site has a small but loyal following so please stick around for more detail. The next update will be on the rod sets. Porsche factory, 4451ASR Bespoke... Then, in house Valve guides will follow. Site tight no photos posted now, but we are working and will have something shortly.

-> Pins and Bronze are complete.

Will be updateing photos in ToolRoom shortly with the new parts ready for install.
We have prototyped with a few different industry bronze alloys have found the one like.
The material is super tough, machines to a gorgeous finish, and great lubricity charactor.
Piston pins are OE'd we did not make these in house but are custom spec down to the radii..

-> The ASR268 St-3R Compressor is now complete: (Boost Components) 04-01-2011

Integration of three new components and highly modified housing have met with beautiful success.
We chose to use Titanium for the compressor nut, and tossed the old factory steel item.
For those wondering "MRL" is, Matched Radius Linearizer.© This term we coined for the shapes of the new housing parts and aplies exclusively to the ASR268 St-3R Compressor radius parts, Nut and Choke.

The ASR266 St-3 (26-6)
 Complete. Photos will be posted in Boost..

Waste Gate and Actuator:

-> Wastegate prototype will be posted soon.
-> Single-Ended unit is in final design stage.
-> Concept - Solid Model of Vacuum SE Actuator posted. 04-05-2011

Initially 4451ASR will offer the SE version, once proven, the Differential wastegate will follow.
And finally, to complete this little package the cycle valve. Package prices will be available soon.
Still have a few techicalities to work out on type of pressure system. Diaphragm or Pistonic.

Race Event News:

Cup Series Web link:

Please support Porsche racing of all kinds, any way you can! Attend a race!
4451ASR Gear and pulley kits are legal in Cup and Super Cup racing.
Always be sure to check for rule changes.

4451ASR Engine Builds:

We are currently building turbo engines. We will be installing parts made in house.
Some of the parts are currently listed here and some are yet to be listed here.
We will post build photos at some point. Also to include Valve Guides in house.

Progress has been made since last posting. ToolRoom will be update shortly.

Contact: jeff@4451asr.com
MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room