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Currently Working On
Engine Build Underway 04-01-2011

Slated for completetion some time in June 2011.(Way late on this one!)
Look for more information and Tech Data in the New section "Tool Room".

In this tool room build we will be using new parts designed in house but not listed.
As well as some of the listed and complete parts on the site. The "Tool Room" will have photo's
and commentary on the type build underway.

Boost Components: (Complete) - See Boost Comp page. 04-05-2011

26-6/8 Turbo Charger updates:

-> New parallel diffuser design.
-> Two different inlet chokes. (linear and bell shape designs)
-> Linearizer Option (radius compressor nut)
-> Anemometric Analysis on both Turbine and Compressor stage.
-> Turbine orifice and flange reshape to assist with early gas break-up.
-> Turbine Stage inlet bore reshape to aid pressurization.
-> Titanium Compressor Nut

Waste Gate and Vacuum Actuator: (moving forward)

-> Refined shape.
-> Slightly larger bores.
-> More info on Actuator soon.

Cycling Valve: (Uh!)

This is a complete redesign of this valve to include:
-> Jetting for optimized cycling and reaction.
-> Seals and Valve seat
-> Stronger Inductor and new potting material.
-> Tighter tolerances
-> Limited Service ability to include three jet sizes.
-> Precise valve to valve seat alignment to assist with bypass leak.
-> Signaling from DME/KLR (Remapping required)

This cycling valve should offer the most accurate metering yet.
The jetting system will be part of the waste gate actuator as a system in the future.
The new cycling valve is however a standalone OE replacement.
With Jetting it will provide boost control to the end user choosing one of three jet sizes.

Future Waste Gate Actuator and Cycling Valve as a system will provide up to 16psi of boost with appropriate jetting.
This presumes 26-6/8 Turbocharger but will control other turbos to whatever boost level with proper jetting.
Presumes shimmed factory or other waste gate.
How much? Estimated at $275.00
Release date will include 4451ASR Wastegate and ASR266/268 Staged Turbos .

Waste Gate:(Uh, Uh!!)

SE unit is in final design stage.
We should be ready to cut prototypes in April.
Photos and specs will be posted in the coming days. Updated 04-05-2011

More to come.
E-mail to: jeff@4451asr.com

MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room
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