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Art and Science of Porsche 944 and 951 Racing!

Dedicated to the manufacture of:
Competition and Championship 944 and 951
2.5 Turbo, 2.5 and 2.7 Litre NA Porsche Engine Components and Breaking.

This site is in perpetual update mode. Please check back frequently.
If you need to reach us see the "contact" page, under "who are".       

Our Complete Pulley Timing Offering! CNC Turn Part
4451ASR268 St-3 Compressor CNC Mill Part

Updates to: 

Development Added: 06-22-2012
Cylinder Head:   06-24-2012
Tool Room:       11-12-2011
Components:    01-05-2012                                                             
                                                                Site Update: 06-22-2012

                      All site content, images, and designs are property of 4451ASR.COM do not re-issue!

MainComponentsServicesWho are 4451 ASRTechnical DataTool Room

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